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The interior design centre

What is there to know?

In July 2023 we were excited to be open Le Hibou Chic á numero 5, an interiors design centre, here in Bellac. Spread over four floors you will find a selection of uniquely upcycled furniture, an extensive range of Frenchic paint, home furnishings, a dedicated fabric room, a specific room for hosting workshops, onsite upholstery and much more.


Since opening Le Hibou Chic in the summer of 2019 the shop has steadily grown and boasts a mix of French, British, Dutch, German, Australian and American clients and our furniture can be found from Scotland to Spain and everywhere in bewteen. Today, Le Hibou Chic has one of the largest stocks of Frenchic paint in France and we have been adding more products and offerings including fabrics and other soft furnishings.

Numero 5 will be an ongoing project split into phases with phase one creating a large working area for all commission work (allowing us to produce more stock and work on private client commissions). This first phase will also include the creation of space for onsite upholstery, a main showroom along with a dedicated fabric room and dedicated space for our Frenchic paint stock.


Phase two will include the development of the centre to have others involved with interiors to showcase their work; our aim is to have master crafts people onsite including carpenters, ironworkers and other artisans specialising in creating beautiful home ideas. If you are interested please get in touch. In phase two we are also looking at an onsite café using local producers and locally sourced produce to give our customers a taste of the Limousin, whilst enjoying a comfy place to sit and take in the view.


A whole floor will be given over to a workshop/meeting space to run our own onsite workshops and also allow others to use the space to share their skills. The workshop space will seat up to 20 people and cater for up to 10 people in a workshop setting.

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See some of the befores and afters of the Numero 5 renovations!

Have a walk through of the building so far..
Check back for all the changes that Kirsti, and Le Hibou Chic team are busy making!

So, what's been going on at Numero 5?



The Reveal

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