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Chest of Drawers - SOLD

Updated: May 31, 2022

In need of more storage for your home?

A sophisticated item to upgrade any space...

What we used:

Cream Dream (again! I can't help it, it's just such a beautiful colour!) and After Midnight, with Cool Copper detailing on the drawer handles and Stag stencil on the top.

The Cream makes it suitable for any neutral room, the Midnight Blue offers a lovely pop of colour with the three drawers providing adequate storage.

Ideas for uses:

Simple draw unit:

The simplicity of this item means it needs very little 'fussing' about. It would work perfectly in a bedroom. The plain colours will blend well with other colour schemes already in place, so it will easily slot into a ready made home!

Vanity Unit:

With the addition of a large mirror placed on top, this would make the perfect stand-up vanity setting. The draws can be used to hold any necessary beauty products, and the large surface area on top can be used for everyday items. A great sophisticated feature for any bedroom, or dressing room.

For more information on this product, or to purchase, please get in touch with Kirsti, either in the Le Hibou Chic store, via Facebook DMs, or email

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