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Drawers - SOLD

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

In need of more storage for your home?

Make a statement with this bold set of drawers..

Simple, yet effective..

What we used:

Painted in Blackjack and Dazzle Me with Gorgeous Gold detailing on the key hole, carved detail and stencil.

This fun and funky set of drawers will demand attention in even the most subdued of corners. The mix match array of handles adds a quirky feel, to this otherwise geometric design.

Some Ideas for uses:

Decorative Piece:

Not only they will this simple item provide a place to showcase decorative pieces but it would act as a great storage unit for many little items. You can use them as a decorative piece in the hallway or entryway. Pair them with a beautiful vintage style mirror and turn the area into a grooming spot.

Practical Piece:

If you are looking for more of a practical use to the draw then if you have an office space in the home, then the chest of drawers are the best to adorn the space. They will not only keep the important files and folders in a sorted way but will also make your work easier.

For more information on this product, or to purchase, please get in touch with Kirsti, either in the Le Hibou Chic store, via Facebook DMs, or email

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