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Trunk - 70€

Looking for something unique to add to your decor?

Our Gold Leaf trunk is certainly just that..

What we used:

Externally painted in Loof, with an antique gold mix for the metalwork, topped with gold leaf, finished internally with Plum Pudding, Browning Wax and jungle-themed wallpaper.

With all the metalwork in good working order, not only does it provide substantial storage with its two sections divided by a removable shelf, it's quite the talking point too. We've never come across a trunk like it but we love it!

Some Ideas for uses:

Blanket Storage:

Could be used to store cushions and blankets for a bedroom, or living area. With the multiple sections you'll be able to fit plenty of items.

Table Top:

If your plan is use more as a flat surface, than constant accessible storage, then that is an option as well. A side coffee table in a living room could be quite the talking piece!

Just for decoration!

This unique item doesn't need much use, its a perfectly beautiful piece all on its own. Perhaps you could just use it as decoration for an entrance, bedroom, office, or any other room in the home!

For more information on this product, or to purchase, please get in touch with Kirsti, either in the Le Hibou Chic store, via Facebook DMs, or email

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