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Side Table - 60€

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Are you looking for a new, practical piece of furniture?

One of our recently renovated pieces is this gorgeous Side Table..

Painted in a base of Frenchic Moody Blue with a lattice decoration of Dazzle Me on the surface and Dazzle Me, Serendipity and Hot as Mustard geometric shapes on the frame, this jolly piece will add a splash of colour in any space.

Some ideas for uses:

Entrance table -

With the bright and whimsical aspects of this piece, it could be the perfect addition to your entryway. With space for precious items in the draw, as well as areas on the top and bottom for greenery, bags, books and any other items you wish to display.

Mini Bar area -

If a full scale bar isn't an options, this compact table could do the job for you. Use the top area for your glasses, and cocktail instruments, and the bottom half for any bottles, spirits or bitters you may have on hand.

Reception room vocal point -

With it's bold design, this item would work great as a main point for any room. Perhaps used to display a weekly flower bouquet, or a well designed lamp.

For more information on this product, or to purchase, please get in touch with Kirsti, either in the Le Hibou Chic store, via Facebook DMs, or email

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